How To Play Safe With Google Adwords?

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Google Adwords is unarguably one of the best tools available from Google. Capable of generating tremendous traffic to your website or blog, this tool is used by effectively by many. It is quite natural to try a product after hearing some excellent reviews. But a few common mistakes on Google Adwords can result in huge monthly bills. Let us tell you how to get started on Adwords and avoid some common mistakes.

While you might be eager to get started, it is paramount to remember the basic rule of online marketing: A campaign must not only generate clicks but also sales.  Once you have set up an account with Adwords, you can start using Google’s free tool to know more about keywords that you can use in your campaign. Independent tools such as Word tracker might also come in handy.

As you prepare to put up your ad, pace yourself and do not get carried away with the aim of getting too many people to your site. Keep a modest budget of $10 a day and experiment with your advert for a few days before plunging in.  But before you decide to take the leap of faith with Adwords, a few common mistakes that you can avoid.

Do not put in all keywords 

If you are using all keywords associated with your product/service, you are doing a really bad job at internet advertising. Your ad is going to attract anybody and everybody but not result in sales.  It is better to have an advert for a target audience and lead them to a page that interests them the most.

Say No to ‘in-your-face’ ads

Unlike television advertising, internet advertising is not effective with the ‘in-your-face’ adverts. People on the internet tend to ignore such ads. Having said that dull and boring ads do not result in clicks either. So, doing your keyword research is very important before deciding the content of your advert. Once you have figured out the keywords your prospective customers are using in their search, use them to create highly targeted adverts for your target audience.

Focus must be on advert not click-through rates

High click-through rates and Adwords go hand-in-hand since Google charges its customers lesser if the click-through rate is high.  So, a high click-through rate directly means savings for the advertiser. This is where you must remember the basic rule of marketing. Just because many people click on your advert does not necessarily mean that your sales are picking up as well. Your ads might attract more people and Google is offering you a better price now, but the point of using Adwords is getting your sales to the next level.

Google Experts

In an ideal world, Google employees should be the best at using Adwords and giving you great tips on getting the most of your Adwords account. But, the reverse is true. So, stay away from their ‘expert opinion’ and build your own campaign with a keen eye on your sales as well as your budget. Google representatives are ‘no experts’ on how to spend your money, so use it wisely.

Avoid these common mistakes and with a few experiments you should be able to run a successful campaign for yourself.

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