How To Personalize Your E-commerce Site Using Different Tools?

Posted on Jul 26 2013 - 1:35pm by David Maxx

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In this highly competitive market, every online businessman is looking to make his e-commerce website on the top of the search engine, but it is not easily possible for everybody. All the online businessmen are trying different ways to earn maximum amount of profit; however, it is important for them to make their e-commerce website personalizing.

It is not difficult and expensive for you to personalize your e-commerce website as with proper and right tools, you can easily personalize your site. If you are looking to make your website more personalize than before, below mentioned tools are very useful and effective to do so instantly, so what are you waiting for, just make proper use of these tools:

A Wonderful Shopping Experience

If you have decided to give your customers and website visitors a wonderful shopping experience, you should follow these tools that are helpful to personalize the overall shopping experience of your website.

CNET Intelligent Cross-Sell

Various e-commerce websites are there that are selling technology and consumer-electronics products, and they are looking to personalize overall shopping experience of their website, so they should consider CNET Intelligent Cross-Sell that is a great software to handle cross-sells and upsells based on behavioral data and a site’s proprietary attributes like review scores, product profitability and more. 

WP Greet Box

One of the best personalize tools ‘WP Greet Box’ is a very useful and advanced WordPress plugin, which allows you to display personalized welcome messages that are based on where the user is coming from. To your website visitors, you can personalize with excellent welcome note.

For an example: if your visitor landed on your website through ezinearticles, you can customize message like welcome, Ezinearticle user. This personalized tool is wonderful that supports different referrers like Google search, Digg, Twitter, Facebook and more.

CommerceStack Related Products Manager for Magento

By using this best Magento add-on, your customers and website visitors automatically generated with related products that are easy cross-sells and upsells based on shopper behavior. This tool also allows tapping data that is already saved by Magento to make recommendations. Through this tool, website with owners will have full control of what’s being recommended. To mix with automatically generated ones, you are allowed to select cross-sells, upsells and related items.


Site Apps is also a great personalized tool to offer complete shopping experience to your customers. It allows you to improve your website with different applications like feedback forms, media widgets, analytics extension and many more. With siteapps, you do not have to code extra functionality and can also add site features with just single click.

The best thing about SiteApps is it enables users to customize the behavior of the apps that depend on user data. You are also allowed to choose when will the apps appear and who can see them and how they interact with visitors.

WooCommerce Currency Converter

WooCommerce Currency Converter is an excellent currency converter that you can use to personalize the experience of your international customers. This is one of the best add-on by which you can allow your visitors to convert product prices to the currency of their desires. This tool is obtainable for WordPress websites using the WooCommerce plugin, this extension detects the currency based on shoppers’ locations.


Make your customers’ shopping experience personalizing by bringing their firneds into same place. LoopIt allows you to add an Ask your friends’ button into your product page by which your customers can ask their friends. Now, customers can get help on purchasing by using this button and decide that whether it is good for them or not.

Customer Service


When it comes to LiveChat tool, it is the best personalized tool that supports exceptionally with your website. Through this tool, you can easily get specific informationabout your visitor that you are chatting with like his location, the page that he visited and currently on. Users can also log on through Facebook and website owners can add LiveChat to their Facebook Page as well.


Zendesk offers one-on-one support through any channel website, social websites, live chat and phones. This tool also carries various other customer service features that offer wonderful personalized experience to your customers. Moreover, the interface of this tool allows you an overall view of your customers in detail so website owners are able to see contact information of their customers, purchase history, submitted tickets and much more.

So, above mentioned are some exceptional tools that you can use to personalize your website and add many new features that grab the attention of your customers and new visitors. These tools also allow you to get targeted visitors on your website, so make sure to make proper use of these tools.

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