How To Organize A Memorable Costume Party

Posted on Jan 31 2014 - 3:47pm by Editorial Staff

Costume Party

Costume parties do not just need to be held near Halloween or other holidays that celebrate this type of theme. It can be a way to host a fun fundraising event or celebrate accomplishments among friends. Birthday parties are also more fun when they are themed around a costume party. Remember to select London party venues that will be memorable and unexpected. It can help to enhance a theme as well as draw more guests from the invitation list for attendance.

Choose an Inconspicuous Venue

Surprise guests with a venue that seems non-traditional. If you can find a venue in London that fits the theme, that is even better. Of course, venues can be decorated to emulate any theme but natural or architectural characteristics of a theme are appreciated much more and enhance the atmosphere. It can take a boring event to the next level.

Create a Theme

Create a theme that has the interest of the guests that you will be inviting. You can select something that is popular or something that has not been done yet. Creativity is the key. The more outrageous the theme is, the more exciting the costumes will be. For instance, select something like Social Media and have the costumes designed around the guests’ impression of what social media offers the world. This would make for a great time with a lot of creative costumes.

Hold Contests

Guests will try harder on their costumes when there are contests to enter. Consider one for the best costume for a single person, best male costume, best female costume and best couple’s costume. Also include a contest for best homemade costume and most innovative costume. The prizes could be money, gift cards, paid days off of work or other packages. Better incentives will gain more participation as well.

Decide on a Menu

Plan the menu around the theme. If you have a technology based costume party, consider liquid nitrogen ice cream and anti-griddle foods. For a party themed around medieval themes, consider Frenched chicken drumsticks, meat and potatoes, root vegetables and other rustic options. The menu should be finger foods that are easy to pick up and carry while socializing. Again this helps to tie the theme together.

Select Entertainment

Entertainment can be something like a DJ or live band as well as showing a themed movie or organizing fun party games. The entertainment selected may help adults to bring out the child inside all of them to have more fun. Plan and create games around the theme and make sure the music fits the occasion as well.

A well-planned costume party can be just as fun as a night full of drinks, food and music. The not knowing who the guests are once they are dressed adds a bit of anonymity to the situation as well. It is fun to try and guess who is in what costume if their faces are not shown. Name tags, of course, are optional but it is more fun to play the guessing game. Ensure that the drinks, atmosphere and food all match the theme and that all of the guests are able to enjoy themselves.

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