How To Make Your Corporate Blog The Face Of Your Company?

Posted on Jun 8 2012 - 8:43am by Editorial Staff

You do run a company and even having a website also, but the website that you owe from the time you started the company is still the same there is no change in it, then how do you think it will make into a biggie category. I do suppose that you have done hardly any changes since from the time your brand comes into existence but still it need something more.

I wondered you had not tired to think of running a corporate blog, well if you “really” not, then start thinking again as this is your corporate blog that help you improve your brand profile, although its major intent behind is to share what’s going on in the company in a timely manner but also it provides a huge substantial SEO impact as well as marketing value if it is utilized properly. Here are things that I would like to share which I learned along with time:


I know you might be wondering why at the very first step I am saying that and asking you to quit thinking corporate – well, your so-called corporate blog should just be more than that. The first thing that needs to come in your mind is that yes, it is corporate blog, but at the end it for mango people – the people who want to learn more about your brand, who want to know more your product line-up and lots more. What if you put up the blog in such a way that interests only corporate people, then somehow it soon losing its shine? The answer is simple, go on three rules: Think about people for whom you are writing for? (Target audience), How you make the blog more cheerful full with colors? And the top, you do put up what you want to say but also do not lose its shine.


Hiring outside writes may not be a feasible thing for every company but you may able find out some interesting people who know how to write off the ground. They most cost your company a bit extra but on a whole they give human touch that is essential to make your blog sustain in larger web environment where everything goes on good content basis. Remember, each writer has his or her own way of writing story and having its own pace of mind to share the freedom of words. Plus more often if you are not able to hire article on monthly basis, then better hire some on per article payroll (a better alternative). Even, select that writer who already owed an established audience that loved him/her, as hiring one such will help you get visitors already in your pace for your blog.


The heading sounds crazy to some as it defines itself in much better way. Say, suppose if you hired a writer for $50 per article (the number sounds high to some), then you will also get better write-ups. These writers works pretty well for creating valuable content for you, it will not be a boon for you, if you pay well, but this is like you are paying for what you want (real fact). The big companies often pay millions of dollar on advertising and marketing budget, but they forget paying for writers who work as a backbone of their company. Even, if you are a small company, one good writer can make a huge difference.


You now have all the things on right place: a blog, a single writer or team of writer, the content you want to talk about, even readers for your blog posts but still, now what left with – the four point is interaction with readers – yes, the most important point. You do have good valuable readers who love reading your blog, but so what if they never get the reply over the comment from the blog writer – it is not much strange, as many people think that they had put up each and everything there job is over, but wait for a minute, your actual role just started, as now you have to take care of your reader too and that is only possible if you interact with them. The more you interact, the better the way your readers come back to your blog again and again.

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