How To Grow Your Own Indoor Herb Garden

Posted on Sep 22 2014 - 9:04am by Alexandra Ashton


Every good cook knows how important herbs are in the kitchen. These amazing plants can make every meal taste batter. This is very useful if you are trying to eat healthier. Isn’t it sarcastic that when you try to eat healthier even the food you usually love start to taste plain? It’s like your taste buds know you are cheating them and that you are depriving them salt, fat or sugar. With a little of oregano, basil, sage or rosemary you will add some extra flavour to you meal. You will surely surprise your taste buds. You can use dried herbs, but you must admit that the fresh ones taste so much better.

Herb garden doesn’t need to take a lot of place. You can easily put it in small pots on the window sill in your kitchen. This way it would be easier to check on them and you could get your herbs without hassle. One benefit of indoor gardening is that you don’t need to get outside in a bad weather to get a couple leaves of basil. You will just need to extend your arm and pick it from your window sill. With indoor herb garden you won’t need air freshener any more. Your kitchen will always smell incredible.

There are various kinds of pots or planter that are fashionable. You can have a stylish herb garden and make all of your guests jealous. Did you know that you should add a small amount of lime to your soil? This way you will give your herbs the best conditions for growth. You should also try adding perlite because it will help with draining and it will also keep soil from compacting. To get best soil for your herbs you should try mixing fast – draining potting soil with sand. Read this helpful infographic to get more advices about having herb garden.


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