How To Choose Designer Men Shoes For Theme Weddings

Posted on Feb 3 2014 - 10:07am by Editorial Staff

Designer Men Shoes

Marriage is the sacred institution or you can say your wedding is the most important day of Man’s life. You have to look the best . Your clothes, shoes and overall look has to be the best. Wedding themes in recent years have changed from church wedding to venue weddings. You can wear colorful clothes and try new varieties of dress shoes.

Designer Men Shoes that go with various wedding themes have become the greatest trend of today. In earlier days, Church weddings restricted men to traditional and classic dress shoes that added“uniformity” to the ceremony.  However, today’s men prefer “designer weddings” just the way they prefer designer shoes for the day.

When you are getting married at theme based “venues” other than the church. Let’s take a look at the mens dress shoes that  you should wear:

1. Go a Little Unconventional: Typical black shoes were the standard shoes of a groom but now, you can choose numerous colors and styles. Prada has come up with new oxfords that are much sleeker and more stylish than the regular ones. These shoes are decorated with a white floral design. They may look a little feminine. But are nevertheless, equally trendy and fashionable for men.

2. Summer Wedding Shoes: When you are thinking of  beach-side wedding in Summer, Allen Edmonds, two-tone lace-ups made using brown leather and linen are the best choice. These coffee style designer shoes are comfortable. Perforated design allows your feet to breathe and to stay cool.

3. Rock Star Wedding: Nowadays, we see various styles of wedding. “Theme Weddings” are in vogue. Therefore, getting married in Pop Star or Rock Star style is also a cool way. Gucci has introduced new lace-ups that have been accentuated by perfect amount of old age gold cone studs. They look just the right kind of designer men shoes that you must wear for your musical wedding.

4. Awesomely Pink Wedding: It is old-fashioned to think that pink is not the color of a man. The modern urban man has no such reservations. Also, what if your wife urges you to have a pink-themed wedding? Cole Haan has a surprise for you, their new square wingtip comes with pink laces to blend perfectly with your theme.

5. CountrySide Wedding: Do you love the mud? Do you love the green fields and meadows? Well, why not, it’s your wedding you can love anything you want. Country weddings are characterized by big farms and mud. Animals are also an essential part of the ceremony. Therefore, the shoes have to be in compliance with the atmosphere. For such a wedding, adorning square toe cowboy boots or green wingtips would be highly recommendable.

6. The Colonial Wedding: You can go to Fugawee Corp and get your pair of Colonial Mens shoes and even get a pair for your wife for a royal colonial style wedding. Colonial weddings are simply outstanding to witness and you can go back in time with these shoes. Historic shoes are my personal favorite they have something ageless about them. You can add timelessness and royalty to your wedding with colonial shoes.

All the above ideas of theme based venue weddings and designer men shoes are for you to consider. You can choose any of these themes and add special magic to your most magical event of life!

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