How To Avoid Tourist Traps In Rome

Posted on Sep 3 2013 - 12:16am by Jhonson Peterson


Rome, the capital of Italy, is one of Europe’s most ancient cities. Ancient Rome has been in existence since the past 2,700 years and continues to flourish even today. Rome was the headquarters of the Roman Empire and also of the Roman Catholic Church. It has been such a great city that many countries in the world follow the ancient Roman model of political and legal systems even today. The architecture perfected in ancient Rome has been adopted in most parts of the world.

Rome, also known as the Eternal City, is the most beautiful city in Italy with an incredible history. The city is of great importance to the classical and modern world. Whether you are a lover of the architecture, history, arts, or incredible dining and shopping, the city offer you the perfect excuse to book flights to Rome and have a great vacation here. You will get plenty of sightseeing opportunities in this wonderful city. Rome with the world’s most famous open-air museum has become a highly frequented destination.

A large number of tourists from world over are attracted to Rome round the year. The city with its wide array of sights and immense size captivates those visiting for the first time. The city is simply fascinating. If you are also visiting Rome to spend your vacation for the first time, then you must beware of the tourist traps here.  Like other tourist destinations, Rome is also not free from vulnerable tourist traps. Unprepared tourists might just be caught off guard if they don’t pay heed to some of the important advice being presented here.

If you have already decided to visit the city to spend your vacations and booked flights to Rome, then be wise to choose the perfect time of the year for your travel. The high tourist peak months of June and July should be avoided. If you are tight on budget then this might just prove to be a costly affair and you will have to spend more on your stay and food.

If you want to change money then don’t go after unknown money changers on the street. The best idea to change money is to possibly shop around and get the best rates. Don’t try to change money in stations or airports as the money changers here can charge a commission in excess of the legal 10 percent. You won’t be able to know this, but if you do so then you are sure to be fooled or conned. If you are doubtful of extra charges then just don’t hesitate to ask. You might also be approached by money changers on the street offering excellent exchange rates, don’t respond to them and just keep walking until you find a reliable money changer.

Don’t hire unmarked taxis as they are illegal. Unsuspecting tourists often tend to fall into their trap. The illegal marked taxis plying on the streets of Rome are infamous for overcharging cab fares. Only hire those cabs with a proper meter. You can also negotiate the price before entering the cab.

These are some of the tourist traps in Rome that must be avoided at all costs. Being a first time tourist paying heed to these suggestions would surely help.

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