How To Advertise Outdoors And Save Money Using Cheap Exhibition Stands

Posted on Aug 14 2013 - 11:31am by Mark Thomas


Grab Attention

Advertising outdoors is an art in itself. You have to think about the atmosphere and how the signage, for example a trade show pop up display will hold up under all weather conditions. Then of course, there is the inquisitive or bored young person who might want to see if they can redesign the signage by tearing off a piece or “restructuring” it. Whatever the possible scenarios that might affect the advertisement, the most important question is “Will it grab attention?”

Advertising Outdoors

There are many different ways to do advertising outdoors but the key point to remember is that the audience is mixed and most of the time, they will see the ads if they are queuing, travelling, shopping or commuting. They may be bored and are scanning the environment to keep their mind active.

One of the fastest growing advertising is the digital television in petrol stations and underground stations. Commuters in underground stations are a captive audience as they wait for their trains. This is one area where you can have exhibition display stands for your commuting public.

Best Deals

To get the best deals, it is important to shop around and see what kind of pricing is available for what you want to advertise. To maximize your budget, you would want to find cheap exhibition stands or displays to begin with. Knowing how the advertising works in the country is also a factor to consider as many advert campaigns and signage will need to be approved before being displayed.

What’s the Plan?

When deciding on the method of advertising it is important to have a marketing plan and an advertising plan to make the best use of the resources you have to save money and to spend less. The best type of advertising is the one that will catch the biggest audience. Before deciding on advertising and marketing, the company or product needs a marketing image: logo, colour, branding, and signage. If the company is local, it should have a good sign that people will recognise. Then decide on the audience you want to target and where you want to focus on i.e. commuters, bus stops, etc.

QR Codes

Quick Response Codes are new and are quickly becoming the norm for advertising in certain industries. When buying or renting a car it is possible to see a QR code on the windscreen or windows of the doors. If you have an iPhone or android app to scan QR codes it is possible to scan it and then it will either give you a web site with more information on the car or a list of information in pdf format or a video clip on what you need to know, etc. Some events management companies use QR codes on their posters to give the audience a map to the event and more information on the band.


Some companies provide you with all the necessary equipment you need to advertise. Whether it is outdoors or at event, you have roll up displays and pull up banners. And then for exhibitions, there are standalone marketing displays and display booths where you can have the advertising company create a display production with pop up display stands and pop up displays. Ask the advertisers about exhibition display package deals and a promotion booth for use at exhibitions. The key to finding out which one to use is to find out which one will advertise or promote your company or product the best. Research local companies before making a decision.

Set Aside Some Research

So when deciding to market or advertise, create a plan. Set aside some time to research into the best methods of advertising and marketing that would suit the product or company. Then look for advertising companies who will give you a deal on advertising through different media thus saving you money and helping you to spend less. Exhibitions and conferences based on particular products is a good way to save money and get the name of the product and company in the public domain. Nowadays, technology is key when advertising so setting up a good website and interacting in social media are key ways to save money and to spend less.

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