How Much Would It Cost To Build The Millennium Falcon?

Posted on Mar 17 2015 - 7:01am by Alexandra Ashton

One of the favourite films of all fans of science fiction is not even a single movie, but the whole film series. The film series Star Wars have attracted the attention and enthusiasm of fans for decades. It is so popular that it was able to get into every corner of the world which is why most people know that amazing sentence “Luke I am your father”.  Surely you have also watched at least one part of this film series that has exciting story and great actors. Around the world there are numerous science – fiction fans who are dreaming about moment when the items they have seen on TV screens will become reality.

While we are waiting for flying skateboard from “Back to the Future“ film series maybe we should concentrate on making other film objects come to life. Which is the best thing from Star Wars you could imagine recreating? This should not even be any question; the best choice is definitely unforgettable Millennium Falcon. Wouldn’t it be incredible to create this amazing ship?

Do you think it would be even possible to create functional and real replica of Millennium Falcon with the modern miracles of technology we have today? Well, it might not be able to fly into the space and through the wormholes but it would be amazing just to sit in it and recreate favourite moments from the movies. Just imagine how amazing would it be to be able to sit on the pilot seat of the real Millennium Falcon. But what do you think building this great ship would cost? Do you think it would be possible to afford it if you gather all true fans of Star Wars? Check out this great and amusing infographic to find out the true costs of building Millennium Falcon.


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