How Moon Mining Could Work

Posted on Aug 12 2015 - 7:02am by Alexandra Ashton

If you have ever watched science fiction series, you are aware of the fact that nothing is impossible. In these interesting shows you can see everything, from people with extraordinary powers, travel through space and time or adventure across the universe. But, while watching these amazing shows you are sadly aware that this is not reality. Well, maybe you will change your mind after reading this great infographic. Interesting data from this infographic will make you question reality. You will believe that somehow you got caught up with some exciting science fiction series. You surely noticed how people managed to take advantage the Moon in a smart way at least in one of these series. These days, scientists, as well as entrepreneurs have decided to follow the footsteps of these fictional characters and have found a way to make the moon even more useful. They are considering starting to mine the Moon. Do you think that could work? If it could, it will definitely reduce the pressure on Earth’s natural resources.

Geological surveys show that the moon contains 3 crucial elements which are water, Helium-3 and Rare earth metals (REMs). We all know what the water is used for but most of us are not aware of how important Helium-3 or rare earth metals are. However, it is amazing we all already use rare earth metals, without even knowing that. They are found in modern electronics making our world more technological advanced. But, we need to understand that word rare in their name is not invented for nothing. Even 90% of the world’s supply of REM is produced in China and they claim to have only 15-20 years’ worth of reserves. What will we do then? Maybe the Moon really holds the answer. Check out this great infographic to discover everything about Moon mining and the way it could change our life.


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