How Marijuana Has Changed In America

Posted on May 22 2015 - 10:11pm by Editorial Staff


Marijuana. Weed. Hemp. Skunk. Chronic. There are so many names for pot that have been used throughout history. But one thing has always been a constant, and that’s the controversy surrounding it. There has often been debate surrounding the classification of weed as an illegal drug. Many claim it should be legalised because it’s safer than alcohol and hardly constitutes a dangerous addiction. Whereas those opposed to it point out the potential long-term health risks attached.

Well, it seems that certain states in America are now beginning the legalisation of marijuana. Medical marijuana became legal throughout the nation last year. And now we have seen the use of recreational pot legalised in Washington, Colorado and Alaska. And Oregon looks set to join the party later this year. The law allows anyone who is at least 21 years of age to smoke, grow and own marijuana. The laws concerning buying and selling are unclear – some areas say you can’t buy it yet retailers are selling.

This seems to have had curious ramifications for the USA as a country. For one thing, retail outlets have begun selling weed. But this has led to an influx in minors attempting to buy it. Indeed, several shops in Washington were recently caught out selling marijuana to minors. This recent development looks set to see a spike in compliance across the state.

There are other ways this has affected the country too. It seems the police forces of each state might take something of a hit. Many sniffer dogs are being forced to retire. Some have been found to be too effective at sniffing out the pot. And with marijuana now in the throes of getting decriminalised it seems there’s little need for them anymore. Besides, it could be problematic as one can’t explain the concept of legalisation to an animal.

Just how much of an effect this measure will have on the police forces remains to be seen. But sniffer dogs provide a crucial and often invaluable service. This might mean training new dogs to sniff out different substances. Or they may even consider doing away with sniffer dogs completely.

There are other changes that have come about as a result of the legalisation of marijuana. For one thing, this has opened up further career prospects for people! Yes, amazingly you can now get a job as a “budtender”. As a result of this recent decriminalisation there has been a rise in budtender jobs that people can apply for. This is a positive economic prospect as it’s created quite a few new career prospects for people.

Interestingly, there is now even a marijuana job fair that debuts in Las Vegas later this year. In June, people will be able to take a trip to Nevada and interact with industry experts. There will be talks and discussions concerning cultivation, production, and testing facilities. People will have the chance to interact and talk one-on-one with industry professionals. And they might even be able to talk their way into a job offer in the process.

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