How HP Comes Up With Marketing Slogan ‘Make It Matter’?

Posted on Jun 6 2012 - 6:09am by Editorial Staff

We have often heard, seen HP’s marketing slogan “Make It Matter”, but do we know exactly what the story behind it. During the recent interview of AllThingsD with HP’s CEO Meg Whitman, she stated how the company comes up with the marketing slogan.

Starting with the story what Whitman shared was that the time she joined HP and began to understand HP, there was confusion about what HP really does. There were around 160 CIOs around her but no one really knows the answer, so in order to make “HP as a brand” sustain, they got the 50 marketing executives in a room and started wondering.

And, in spite of few time, the company comes up with “Make it Matter” as its marketing slogan as in fact what the company do makes it matter. “it’s also true that HP will do anything for its customers,” Whitman concluded.

Overall, the interview lasts 30 minutes and a lot of things discussed like Oracle-HP legal battle, recent 27,000 employees layoff and lot more.

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