Hospitality 101 – Welcome More Guests To Your Hotel Business With These Tips

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Do you own a hotel business? If so, then you’ve got your hands on a very profitable business idea in the hospitality business. The only way you’ll make money is if you have plenty of guests. Thankfully there are many tips you can follow to welcome more guests to your hotel:

Hotel Comparison Sites

When you have a hotel business, the biggest issue is how people find your website. If lots of people find it, then there’s a chance you’ll get more guests as they can book their stay via your site. However, you can have even more success if you register with a hotel comparison site. What this enables you to do is list your hotel in their database. So, when they get people searching for hotels they will display your one in the results and people can book rooms via them. It’s an excellent idea as you no longer solely rely on the success of your website. These comparison websites get millions of clicks each day, they’re so popular. You have a far greater chance of getting seen and can gain more customers.

Visual Marketing

Visual marketing is the process of marketing and promoting your business through imagery and videos. For a hotel business, it’s a perfect idea. One of the best ways to get more guests through your doors is to show them how incredible your hotel is. Show off the rooms and the best bits and all the little features that make it better than other hotels. Speaking as someone that’s booked hotels, I find it much better when there are as many pictures as possible on a website or social media. The more visuals I can see, the more it makes me want to book that hotel. This is the same for consumers everywhere as images and videos provide two things. Firstly, they promote your business by showing customers what you offer. Secondly, they inspire consumer confidence as you know what you’re paying for. There are lots of companies like Global Image Creation that can take creative and professional photos of your hotel. Consequently, you can make sure your website has lots of images and keep posting the photos on social media to draw even more attention to your business.

New Guest Incentives

If you want to try and bring more guests to your hotel, then you should start offering incentives. A lot of businesses do this in different industries. You’ll often see subscription services offering things like ‘first six months free for new customers only’. But, did you know that hotels can offer incentives too? They don’t have to be major things they can be something as simple as a free breakfast for new guests. Another idea is to allow new guests to essentially get a free upgrade to their room. For example, they can pay for a single room but get it upgraded to a double room for free. These little incentives help attract new guests and bring in more customers to your establishment.

You’ll be amazed at how effective these tips are for bringing in new guests. The more guests you have checked in, the more money your business can make.

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