Hiring A Good Webmaster – What To Look Out For?

Posted on Feb 14 2013 - 2:23pm by Editorial Staff


From having an eye for graphics and knowledge of HTML in the earlier days to possessing excellent skills in server and application programming, media development, site security, graphic designing, and email marketing, the skills required for a webmaster have changed drastically. The current generation depends on social media which means a successful webmaster is required to have a very important skill called social media integration.

If you are in search of an excellent webmaster then look out for:

  • A versatile portfolio:  A demonstration of variety of skills and knowledge in web graphics, programming and visual design is an essential requirement.
  • Efficiency: A top-notch webmaster will surely make you shell out more from your pocket but with high efficiency sites are built on schedule which means you save some money!
  • Responsiveness: Acknowledging ideas and requests in a timely manner is another important skill for a webmaster.
  • Planning and confidence in serving as a vendor: If you and your company have a clear marketing perspective and want the final say in site design, copy or branding related decisions then this is what you should be looking out for. A webmaster who can comfortably execute your exact plan will save your time instead of convincing you to follow a different plan.
  • Expertise in Project management: An individual can rarely have a wide spectrum of knowledge and skills which is demanded by large complex sites. This basically extends a webmasters job to being a project manager working with a team of editors, artists, programmers, designers, etc.
  • Knowledge of tools, standards and technologies: Implementing certain features of the latest trend and craze may not be suitable for some companies. An ideal webmaster should be able to judge and figure out such requirements.
  • Development of non-web templates: A webmaster should have the expertise in developing email and e-newsletters materials which use third-party marketing platforms like Constant Contact, iContact, etc.
  • Configuring servers and hosting sites: If you are equipped with an IT department for managing servers then this is a skill you may not need to look out for.
  • Social media: In this era of Facebook and Twitter, dependence on social media is immense. Once considered ancillary areas, webmasters today need to possess proficiency in these areas. A blog and then social networking venues are a great way to establish a strong brand presence.
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