Here’s What Your Wallet Says About You And Your Lifestyle

Posted on Aug 28 2015 - 7:13am by Editorial Staff

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Opening up your wallet is probably second nature to you. Whether you reach in to grab cash before you buy your morning coffee or you need to show your identification card when you get to work, this process probably isn’t one that you put too much thought into. However, your wallet can actually reveal an array of interesting facts about you.

The Amount of Cash

On any given day, consider how much cash you have in your wallet. That probably tells you if you are a person who makes purchases on a card or in cash most of the time. Also, how much cash you regularly have in your wallet can give you a clue as to why you have issues with credit card debt. If you never have cash, you may constantly put purchases on your credit card. As a result, you end up with more debt.

The Order of Your Debit and Credit Cards

If you’re like many people, you have your debit and credit cards in close proximity to one another in your wallet. The order of them likely reveals how much you use each of them. For example, the card on the top is probably the one that you use most frequently, and the cards may go in order like that. However, you may also have cards on the bottom of the pile that you rarely use. That may be because you are trying to avoid racking up more debt on them or because they are already maxed out from too much usage.

The Number of Credit Cards

Whether you have decided to obtain the best credit card deal or you have other ones, the number of cards in your wallet can make a profound statement about your debt. The more cards you have, the more debt you may have. However, that isn’t always the case. Some people just like to spread out their purchases or maximize their store benefits. Therefore, if the number of credit cards doesn’t indicate that you have a lot of debt, it may indicate the places where you like to shop the most.

The Colour of Credit Cards

It was often the case in times gone by that the colour of your credit card would be indicative of the credit limit ergo creating a climate where flashing a card with higher approved spending would be a way to showcase your financial success. From the basics of a Clydesdale Bank Gold card that provides secure online shopping to credit cards that can provide you with air-miles, free upgrades and priority seating.

Other Cards

Chances are, every single card in your wallet isn’t related to spending. You might have cards that you need for work or a library card. You may also have store cards in there that aren’t credit cards but that still get you discounts when you go shopping. The order in which you have these cards can indicate how important they are to you.

While your wallet may not have the ability to predict your future, it certainly can give you some important clues to your present, especially when it comes to your financial situation.

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