Herb Guide To Vegetarian Cooking

Posted on Mar 24 2015 - 7:02am by Alexandra Ashton

More and more people make decision to become vegetarian. That may be because they want to make healthier life choices or because they are against animal cruelty or even because they want to see if they can do it. Some people even decide to do it for a short time in order to cleanse organism.  That is really praiseworthy decision, no matter what their reason is. Can you imagine giving up the meat? That doesn’t need to be an end of the world. In this great infographic you will learn which herbs you can use in vegetarian cuisine to make unforgettable meals.

For many non-vegetarians giving up on meat sounds like a mission impossible. Of course, as with any other decisions the beginning is the hardest. Many people are intimidated when they understand what a challenge will be to come up with a complete dish made only by vegetable. At that point it is really easy to give up and go back to old habits. But those who do not give up on their decision quickly realize that vegetarianism is not as difficult as they thought. Contrary to popular opinion, they do not eat the bland, monotonous and boring meals. Just the opposite. Due to the smaller number of available groceries they are forced to test their boundaries and create something new from well-known ingredients.

You do not have to eat meat to have delicious meals. Not only vegetables are equally tasty but much healthier. By using herbs you can create completely new dishes in your kitchen. Add a little kick to your meals with peas, potatoes, aubergine and tomatoes with mint. Just add a bunch of mint beforehand for a refreshing flavour when steaming or boiling any vegetable, bean, or legume. Get more excellent advices about herbs in vegetarian cuisine in this great infographic.


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