How To Help Your Child Thrive Academically

Posted on Oct 26 2017 - 3:47pm by Editorial Staff

As a parent, you’re bound to want your child to thrive; whether he or she is excelling at math, particularly gifted when it comes to languages, or curious about science and the arts, that moment when your child begins to show true academic potential is likely to be a very special one. Indeed, from the moment our children are born most parents will do all they can to support and encourage academic achievement, alongside other developmental milestones. Don’t our children deserve the very best opportunities to succeed, after all?

Helping your child to thrive academically

While it’s certainly true that exceptional talent and educational prowess can’t be taught, there’s a lot that parents can do to assist their little ones, especially as his or her academic journey begins. Parental influence, and nurture are going to be integral to your child’s school days; the choices and actions you make now are likely to inspire, encourage, and support your child beyond kindergarten, middle school, and college. How will you help your child to grow, and succeed in the academic environment?

Set a good example at home

Children learn by example, so perhaps the best way to help your child thrive academically is to demonstrate your own passion for learning, and for subjects that engage your interests. What are the topics that you enjoy researching most? Which books do you return to time and time again? We’re by no means suggesting that television becomes a taboo topic in your household, but try and ensure that your child is introduced to, and inspired by a range of mediums, including books, newspapers, and magazines. Don’t be afraid to discuss your own academic background with your child, and show him or her just how fun, and important an education can be.

Choose the right school

While it can be tempting to research local schools and choose the institute that’s closest to home, there are other considerations to make if you’re to ignite your child’s academic abilities. Think about the academic environment that’s likely to nurture his or her talents; what kind of institute is going to ignite a particular passion? International schooling is becoming an increasingly popular option for parents, offering an inspirational alternative to the American school system. Stamford American International School in Singapore is one institute which exposes children to a variety of subjects, values, and ideals they might not find closer to home; it’s an ideal opportunity for gifted children to thrive.

Take an interest in school

Don’t forget to ask your child about their school day, and ask him or her to discuss the topics that the class has been studying. Not only will you find out about the kinds of things that your child is learning, but you’ll also be able to demonstrate a real interest in his or her passions. What has your child been learning about? Is there anything that he or she is struggling with? Encouraging your child to talk about school is one of the quickest ways to determine if he or she is having difficulties, enabling you to step in and help far more quickly. Besides, children love to know that we’re listening; what better way can we show this than by asking them outright?

Schedule plenty of time for play

All work and no play can be very hard on children; your little one no doubt spends large chunks of his or her day sat still at school, so be sure to include plenty of time once he or she is back at home. Play has been proven to aid all manner of life skills, including concentration, motor skills, and cognitive development. Indeed, play is an absolutely essential part of your child’s upbringing and academic journey. Encourage your child to explore the world, venture outdoors, and participate in sports; such activities will complement his or her school life perfectly. While you’re scheduling your child’s routine be sure to promote plenty of sleep, and provide a healthy, balanced diet. These are also integral in helping a child to thrive academically.

It’s worth mentioning that all children need this kind of nurture and encouragement if they’re to succeed at school; gifted children require just as much parental engagement as those that could be viewed to be struggling. At the moment, your child is a sponge, absorbing every ounce of information that he or she comes into contact with it. Your child’s education will be the ticket to fulfilling future ambitions and passions, so take your time now to reap those rewards.

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