HD Graphics in Online Slots

Posted on May 6 2019 - 11:03am by Editorial Staff

With the ever-improving nature of technology, the video game industry is absolutely thriving.

Those with the latest consoles like Playstation 4, Xbox One or simply the newest PC games, or the top 20 new online casinos, will know just how impressive recent releases in the video game industry are. HD graphics are now the norm, with beads of sweat visible on virtual footballers’ foreheads in the latest football simulators and the level of detail in every falling building of the most recent first-person shooter, only getting more and more impressive.

Furthermore, such graphics are not just reserved for the most well known and most expensive titles, with even some free online games boasting the latest technology when it comes to graphic enhancement. Even in the comparatively new world of online slots, developers are going to new lengths and constantly pushing out the boat further and further, to provide a gambling experience that is supremely detailed in graphics and animation.

Some of the most renowned developers are famous for their commitment to great, HD graphics, as they bring a once humble genre that was restricted to fruit machines in the corners of pubs, into a whole new world of possibilities. Discover more now about online slots and the graphics that you can currently get while playing them on the internet.

Some of the most celebrated developers of online slot games include the following;


When it comes to graphics, these guys do it better than most.

Always innovating and finely tweaking their latest releases to be the most visually stimulating experience possible, Yggdrasil are a developer that has become known for their commitment to a high definition slot game. Colours are always vivid with a Yggdrasil title, with an emphasis on a good sense of humour, too.

Leander Games

Similarly to Yggdrasil, Leander Games is a developer whose reputation has been built on providing slot games of the highest quality.

That is in terms of both the concepts of their games – often using ambitious or original themes – and also the way in which they are designed. Graphics are always of a good standard with Leander Games and as such, animations are as smooth as you like, too.


When it comes to gaming across all platforms, Microgaming are constantly and consistently leading the way.

Providing all of their titles for desktop (both PC and Mac), tablets (such as iPads and the like) and smartphones, graphics may not be as strong as some of their competitors, but they are always optimised for whatever platform you use to spin reels on.

It is this HD approach to all three that makes Microgaming a fine developer – not to mention a huge catalogue of games.

With great graphics come great narratives and ambitiously themed online video slot games that really hit the mark. Titles like Zombie Rush, Codfather, Penguin City and plenty more, provide examples of how far the slot game has come, alongside more glitzy video games. The HD revolution has well and truly hit the gaming industry and slot games are very much involved.

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