Hacker Group “Anonymous” Reacts To Megaupload Takedown With “5,635 Participants”

Posted on Jan 20 2012 - 5:24am by Editorial Staff

With the takedown of a major content hosting website Megaupload, Hacker group “Anonymous” targeting big companies and government agencies websites.

The group Anonymous on their Twitter account declared, “The government takes down #Megaupload? And in response to that 15 minutes later #Anonymous takes down government & record label sites. #ExpectUs.”

The group claimed that the current attacks were “the largest attack ever by Anonymous,” with 5,635 participants. And it looks like the campaign is ongoing – Anonymous says it’s going after the FBI’s website next: “Get some popcorn… it’s going to be a long luzly night.”

They so far claimed responsibility for taking down RIAA (the record industry’s lobbying arm), MPAA (the movie industry’s lobbying arm), Universal Music, and the Department of Justice websites.

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