Guest Reviewer @ I2Mag

Thank you for your interest in working with I2Mag: Internet and Design Inspiration Magazine as a guest reviewer, independent news source dedicated to covering start-ups, reviewing internet products, social media, digital culture and technology news.

What you do as a reviewer?

As a reviewer or critics, your role is to write comments without telling too much about the story. You have to judge on the quality with detailing on several factors which you think makes it either a good part or a bad part of it. A reviewer or a critic’s job requires a deep analysis on how they feel about it. When writing reviews, critics may compare one-to-many other things from the same field like if you are writing a review of a book, you are free to compare it with books which falls under same genre.

What you can review?

At present, we allow you to review Books, Businesses, Mobile, Gadgets, Gaming, Entertainment, Social Media, Web, and Apps & Softwares.

  • Books – You can review any genre you like.
  • Businesses – Any business related to I2Mag present theme (can be checked at categories we are offering at present).
  • Mobile – Any mobile you like.
  • Gadgets – Any gadgets you like.
  • Gaming – Any games and gaming console you like.
  • Entertainment – Any film (movie; of any genre), music (of any genre), sports, television (of any genre).
  • Social Media – Any social media or any social media new or feature you like.
  • Apps & Softwares – Any apps & softwares you like or your used upon.

Who can review?

To be a reviewer with I2Mag, you have to first send us an email at telling three simple things:

  • why you want to be a guest reviewer with I2Mag
  • your past experience on reviewing
  • among the list above which categories you like to review upon.

I am selected, now what?

We give you as a first option to decide yourself and tell us what you want to review and once we confirmed that and give you a go ahead sign, you can write your review and submit back to us for quality check. You can mail your reviews at

Another reviewer already written the review on the title I like, now what?

It’s very much common that two reviewers can write upon the same thing. If, that would be the case, you are still very much welcome to write your opinion about the same thing. We do welcome it and if it’s clear our quality check, we will publish it too.

There are 100s of reviews already on same title, now what?

Again you are very much welcome to write your own piece of content and submit it to us for evaluation and once it clear quality check, we will publish it.

What the review actually look alike i.e. what its format would be?

  • Title: The title of the post should be careful coined expressing what exactly the article is about. The title may contain up to 65 characters.
  • Review Text: Add bold, underlines, break into paragraphs and try bullets, numbered lists to get a better copy. Minimum 350 words and maximum it’s totally on you.
  • Recommend To Others: Yes or No – you have to select one.
  • Images: Don’t worry, we will add ourselves or you can suggest some.
  • Author Byline: All articles need some information about the true author (we will usually not accept by third party writers). You can add one link to your site here which anchor text same for your own site title. You can also add your social media links, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. We do require your photograph (head shot) also.

Publishing Time

If your article matches our standards and does not require any edit, then it will go live within 1 to 5 days. In both these cases once your article goes live, we will email you the live link of your published review.

In case, if your review got rejected (due to any reason, although chances are hardly 1% in total), we will notify you by an email.