Great Ways To Save Money Using Top Applications For Traveling

Posted on Mar 30 2017 - 5:34pm by Editorial Staff

The financial situation world over is the same, while some have deep pocket to dig from (thanks to sites like betting top 10), there are others who have a relatively tight budget, now many a times this budget thing is not something that we are forced to put upon ourselves, but with growing times, people are no longer co relating spending extravagantly with comfort, style or even luxury. Today more than ever, you have super markets, big brands and a whole industry dedicated to helping you save a little extra on your meal, your clothing and even your travel.

While meals and clothing is something that has been gone over many times over the internet, we are going to give you some of the best apps that are out there that will come in handy when you are travelling on a vacation. These apps are great when it comes to saving some extra cash on your holiday.

Booking you tickets

The number one rule of saving on a vacation is booking everything in advance (even a rookie knows that). But say for some reason you dint get an early start on that bandwagon you don’t have to worry, there are many apps out there that help you with last minute booking, even giving you a really good price for your ticket. When it comes to cheap air fare there are a million apps out there. From ExpertFlyer, to Kayak and Hooper, there are many flight appout there that you can test. If you are looking for booking trains, busses there are aggregate sites like Hipmunk which do the trick. Some offer cheap while other compare fares and give you alternates- it really depends on what you really want.


Airports are like the first home to a traveller. You end up spending most of your time there, whether it is sleeping at the long row of chairs or just hanging by the duty free stores, airports can be comfortable. But it can also be expensive, especially if you are stranded for a really long time and have no place to lounge. LoungeBuddy and Priority Pass are just a few apps that give you access to airport lounges all over the world.


The two main expenses on a holiday are travelling and staying. If you have your travelling sorted, it time to look at your staying options. Apps like HotelPal, Hopper, Trivago and other booking sites offer you cheap hotel bookings in advance and even let you compare rates. There are other sites like Hotel Tonight that offers you last minute rooms’ deals, and Roomer that is a market place for unwanted room reservations that are up for sale. You can get discounted rates from people who would otherwise lose their money.

Within the city

When you have you accommodation sorted you are set to explore the city. From apps that help you get fuel for your car at the best price – GasBuddy, to apps that give you the great places to eat – Yelp, to just general apps like XE currency that help you get your head around the currency, there are many apps out there to help you get the best out of you trip.

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