How To Be A Great Parent While Still Making Time For Yourself

Posted on Nov 7 2017 - 10:47am by Editorial Staff

Being a parent is difficult. Being a parent and still finding time for yourself is even more so. Having a child doesn’t mean that who you are as an individual goes away, however, it just means that you need to be more prepared and structured in your life, but this can benefit your children. Children thrive, after all, in a stable household. You can achieve a stable household by implementing these four simple suggestions into your life.

Prepare for Their Future

When you are a parent, you cannot let a day go by where you aren’t preparing for your children’s future, and unfortunately this means planning for terrible possibilities such as what would happen to your child in the event of your death. Have life insurance to ensure that your family gets the support they need, and update your will with solicitors in Northampton. Life planning is a necessity for every parent, because without it your child could be left in the cold if the worst were to happen. This also means saving for an emergency fund and their education. You don’t want a lack of planning to hurt you or your family.

Use Routine to Your Advantage

Once you have financial plans in place for your child’s future and for if something were to happen to you, you can start focusing on raising your child. You don’t, however, want to dedicate your entire time and effort to them alone. Instead of struggling, use routine. Routine helps your child thrive through stability; they will learn good manners, know how to behave appropriately, and know what to expect. For instance, if you have date night with your partner every Friday night, your child will become accustomed to the baby sitter and that, on Fridays, you won’t be there.

Include Them in Your Daily Activities

Another way to get what you need done and spend time with your child is to include them in your daily activities. The life lessons that they can learn from doing this will carry them far and help them to become both independent and able to take care of themselves once they move out. Have them help you cook, do the laundry, and even clean. Doing it together can be fun and educational. You’ll have an extra hand and they’ll become more responsible.

Let Them Explore

Another way you can make more time for yourself is to encourage them to try new things. Not only will they be able to expand their horizons, gain new skills, and discover who they are and what they love, but their confidence will soar and they will also enjoy being independent.

Once you are financially and legally secure, you can worry less about the day-to-day costs and potential worst-case scenarios. You can, instead, work on improving your parenting skills so that your child grows up, develops and learns the necessary life skills while also giving you more time to yourself.

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