Great Essentials For Decking Out Your Car

Posted on Jan 30 2014 - 10:19am by Adrienne Erin


There’s a nice stretch of road ahead for those who want to take a different approach to car accessories. Sure, there’s the usual car chargers, floor mats, and, hey, if you’re feeling slightly retro, fuzzy dice, but car accessories have evolved into much more. Call it a new level of sophistication.

A SEMA/AutoPacific survey, “Influence of Accessories on New-Vehicle Sales,” found that more than a million new vehicles will be purchased with aftermarket products in mind. If you’ve just purchased your car, or have driven it for years, the right car accessory can make your ride seem new (again).

Here are six essentials to make your car even cooler.

1. Swift Hitch Portable Back-Up Camera

We’ve all been there. Sometimes you can put yourself in a really tight spot, and often you might hope for more than just some mirrors to get you through. The Swift Hitch Portable Back-Up Camera lets you see all the angles. If you’ve ever been a little unsure of your parking abilities, the Swift Hitch might ease some of that anxiety. 

2. Car MD

Worried about those messages your car keeps giving you, like the dreaded check engine light? Car MD gives you access to all the codes so that you’ll know exactly what’s ailing your vehicle. Whether you simply just want peace of mind or are looking to compare prices, Car MD arms you with the info you’ll need.

3. Fix-A-Flat

Let’s say you find yourself with a flat tire, and there’s no one in sight to help you change it. What should you do? If you’re lucky, you’ll have a can of Fix-A-Flat handy. It’s basically magic in a bottle. It’ll refill your tire and protect it with a temporary sealant that’ll get you on your way in no time. It’s quick and easy. Keep one in your trunk just to be safe.

4. Custom Car Cover

You could leave your car out to face the elements, but if you’ve spent a lot of money on a great vehicle and accessories, you’ll want to protect your investment by adding a little extra coverage. You can buy custom car covers that are specifically sized to fit your vehicle and colored to suit your tastes.

5. Garmin 665

Not to leave out the motorcyclists, the Garmin 665 is the ultimate GPS. It’s waterproof and has a sunlight-readable display. Another cool feature is that it even has XM Radio. Not only will it guide you to your destination it’ll provide the perfect soundtrack for your roadside adventure. And not to worry car owners, you can get one too.

6. Custom Accessories 26500 Non-Slip Dash Mat

If you’ve ever gotten tired of things slipping off your car seats, or your dashboard, this product’s for you. Put your keys, cellphone, a pen or whatever else you want, at arm’s reach. No need to worry about it sliding around while you’re at the wheel.

7. Accutire Digital Pressure Gauge

Unsure whether you need to add more air to your tires? This is especially a problem in colder climates, where it’s hard to gauge the pressure. Guessing’s not an option. You can opt to take it to your favorite oil change shop, or try the Accutire Digital Pressure Gauge. It’ll give you an accurate reading to determine exactly how low your tire pressure actually is.

Having the coolest accessories for your car can be like putting a good coat of wax. It’ll likely make your car shine and it’ll give you pride. More importantly, it’ll provide you with more comfort.

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