Google’s Schmidt: The Internet Needs A Delete Button

Posted on May 7 2013 - 12:39am by Ric Savage

Known preferably well by his overwhelmed comments and suggestions, Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt today told CNET that Internet must have a “delete” button. Schmidt said during an NYU appearance with Jared Cohen, “The lack of a delete button on the Internet is a significant issue.” He added, “There is a time when erasure is a right thing,” according to CNET.

It definitely sounds like some crazy talks happening, thanks to Schmidt. Over the top, his idea somehow also gives an edge to start thinking towards some sort of new censorship. Schmidt shared by giving example of young person who being convicted of a crime although cleared from records later on, in turned at the end find difficulties in finding a job. His suggestion might not makes a perfect fit for at least current times, but believe might who knows the idea will come into effect in near future.

(Image Credit / Source: Wikipedia)

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