Google’s Patent Translate: Make ‘Foreign Language Patents’ Easier To Read In Europe

Posted on Feb 29 2012 - 11:59am by Editorial Staff

The search giant, Google with collaboration with the European Patent Office (EPO) announced a new service today, name as Patent Translate, which is designed in order to understand patents in foreign language easier. The service is available as part of the EPO’s Espacenet service and is a part-cum-version of Google Translate, making them easier to read and understand in other languages. The following examples show:

Polymerisable ink

Source: une tête d’impression pour diriger une encre polymérisable par rayonnement vers un substrat reçu sur le support

Old translation: a print head to direct a radiation curable ink to a substrate on the support received

New translation: a print head for directing radiation polymerisable ink to a substrate received on the support

Ultrasonic vibration

Source: The crystals supply the required ultrasonic vibration needed to drive both the horn and the attached cutting tip during phacoemulsification and are controlled by the console.

Old translation: I cristalli di fornire la vibrazione necessaria ad ultrasuoni necessari per guidare sia il corno e la punta di sezionamento annesso durante facoemulsificazione e sono controllati dalla console.

New translation: I cristalli forniscono la vibrazione ultrasonica richiesta necessaria per pilotare sia il corno e la punta da taglio allegata durante la facoemulsificazione e sono controllati dalla console.

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