Google’s Larry Page: ‘Android Was Very Important For Google, Wouldn’t Say It Was Critical’

Posted on Apr 19 2012 - 7:51am by Editorial Staff

Oracle and Google courtroom battle taking the pitch as both the company working on to put up their points the fullest. The last added was when the search giant had issued the slideshow presentation which is accompanied with Google’s opening statement. The slideshow states that Google considering Java as a language that is openly acknowledged to be free, upon which Google built Android using legitimate means.

Latest to add, asking Google’s CEO Larry Page about Android’s important to Google as a whole. Page said: “I believe Android was very important for Google. I wouldn’t say it was critical.” Page stated that he wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case, but that he wasn’t sure he’d go that far when asked whether Google’s board of directors was told that Android was critical to Google. “We’d been frustrated getting our technology out to people,” said Page.

On the issue of mobile devices running Java, in particular, he emphasized that there was a “closet of 100 phones” at Google’s offices and none of them worked correctly: “It was almost impossible to develop for them.” Page’s testimony is complete, but the entire trial is scheduled to take up to 10 weeks and is broken down into three separate phases: copyright, patent and damages.

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