Google’s Duarte ‘Welcome’ RIM, If It Wanted To Work On Android Devices

Posted on Jun 29 2012 - 5:31am by Editorial Staff

Although RIM last day knocked out quite with a huge big worst results that not anyone expected, plus confirming the delay of BlackBerry 10 to quarter first of 2013. But, there is one thing interesting comes in light, while speaking to ABC News, Google’s Director of Android User Experience Matias Duarte suggested an interesting idea, saying “if RIM wanted to work on Android devices, I would really welcome that. They clearly make great physical keyboards.”

On the other side, what we heard is that Microsoft had approached RIM to switch to Windows Phone (probably on the same tone as that of Microsoft indulge Nokia in Windows Phone partnership), but board wants to give Heins a chance to move with BlackBerry 10 launch instead. So, it would be like a head or tail thing, here or there, or stay in between with its own platform, it’s RIM owned decision now.

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