Google War Against Hijackers: Now Uses Over 120 Signals To Thwart Account Hacks

Posted on Feb 20 2013 - 12:05pm by Editorial Staff

In order to help keep its account more secure, Google has announced that it has been developing new techniques: the search giant now uses a combination of over 120 signals which will help it try and detect whether a log-in in Yahoo account is real you or not, results in reducing the number of compromised accounts by 99.7 percent since from 2011.


The data shared by Google is that in Gmail there is less than 1 percent of spam emails are there now which make it into an inbox, while on another account the company says, illegal, fraudulent, or spammy content spam comes from your known-by than compared to five years ago. The company asking it’s all users that to protect their accounts use strong, unique password, 2-step verification and recovery options with a secondary email address and phone number.

Google shared:

Every day, cyber criminals break into websites to steal databases of usernames and passwords—the online “keys” to accounts. They put the databases up for sale on the black market, or use them for their own nefarious purposes. Because many people re-use the same password across different accounts, stolen passwords from one site are often valid on others.

With stolen passwords in hand, attackers attempt to break into accounts across the web and across many different services. We’ve seen a single attacker using stolen passwords to attempt to break into a million different Google accounts every single day, for weeks at a time. A different gang attempted sign-ins at a rate of more than 100 accounts per second.

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