Google Wants To Use .search As TLD, .app, .blog, .cloud To Follow The Same

Posted on Apr 11 2013 - 7:42am by Editorial Staff


The new top-level domain war is already ‘ON’ with Google, Microsoft, Amazon and others applied for new top-level domain, and with the latest abuzz to make a fit, Google wants to turn .search into a top-level domain so that any search service can use it. Reported by TechCrunch, in a recent letter to ICANN from Google’s domain registry, the project being outlined and in case of the .search domain, the company would rather be keen to operate under a “dotless” domain hood.

This is not just the story of .search domain only, but the company having similar plans for .app, .blog and .cloud domains also, aiming respectively at app developers, bloggers, and cloud services. With no companies mentioned at first in the letter, the search giant stated that it is already working with different blogging services to deploy the standards required. No doubt, how bigger the fight over the new top-level domain names going to be, but over the top, it will be at par selection.

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