Google Updates Its PageSpeed Insights To Version 2.0, Bringing Better Speed Recommendations To Chrome

Posted on Jun 18 2012 - 10:40pm by Editorial Staff

Google has released a preview of the PageSpeed Insights Chrome Developer Tools extension, a toold which analyzes the performance of web pages and provides suggestions that how to make them faster. The current version updates to version 2.0 and is available in the Chrome Web Store. PageSpeed Insights for Chrome is a Developer Tools extension that analyzes all aspects of the page loads, including resources, network, DOM, and the timeline.

From Libo Song and Bryan McQuade of Google:

Using technologies like Native Client, PageSpeed Insights is able to run the open-source PageSpeed Insights SDK securely and with the performance of native code. Leveraging the Insights SDK enables the Chrome extension to automatically optimize the images, CSS, JavaScript and HTML resources on your web page and provide versions of those resources that you can easily deploy on your website.

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