Google Translate Now Supports Its 66th Language: Khmer

Posted on Apr 19 2013 - 10:28am by Editorial Staff


Google today announced that it has gained the support to its 66th language in the line-up for its Google Translate service: the Cambodia’s Khmer. With around 16 million native speakers of Khmer, the new language will certainly give an edge at par.

The company launched Khmer with useful features, including virtual keyboard (to give flexibility to you while typing the language) and ability to read Khmer text phonetically for users who don’t read Khmer alphabet.

Google also shared that Khmer is a challenging language for translation systems, mainly due to not much availability of lot of Khmer data on the web and words as usually not separated by spaces. In order to try your hands on exploring, learning and doing much more with the language, head straight to Google Translate.

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