Google Shut Its Dedicated Blog For Apple’s Mac And iOS, Saying Apple’s Product Need No Separate Blog

Posted on Jun 23 2012 - 7:33am by Editorial Staff

Google back from past five years maintaining a blog dedicated to the software for Apple’s Mac and iOS such as Chrome, Google Earth and iOS apps, but what the news the search giant is announcing that it is going to shut it down saying the reason that Mac and iOS products are so popular that they don’t need a dedicated blog.

Here is what the team had to say about it:

More than five years ago, we created this blog to tell you about our software for Macs. Since then, Apple’s products have become more popular than ever, and we’ve kept up by offering strong support for OS X and iOS, including the speedy and popular Google Chrome for OS X, the amazing Google Earth, and a whole bunch of excellent iOS apps.

Our Mac and iOS support has now become so mainstream that we realized we just don’t need to keep Mac news on its own blog, so we won’t be posting here any longer. For updates, we encourage you to visit our blogs for individual products, like the Chrome Blog and the Lat Long Blog.


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