Google ‘Secretly’ Moved To An Open Source Technology Back In 2010

Posted on Apr 19 2012 - 5:13am by Editorial Staff

Moving towards open source technology is good for some but what if the search giant adopt the same – I am talking about Google adoption of open source technology called OpenFlow two years back, revealed Google’s senior VP of operations Urs Hölzle at a talk in Santa Clara, California. According to the company, the entire internal network – which it calls the G-Scale Network — is running the new technology. OpenFlow makes it possible to control a network via a process called software defined networking (SDN), which makes complex networks both more efficient and easier to manage. Google even build up its own hardware also in order to adopt the new software. “In 2010, when we were seriously starting the project, you could not buy any piece of equipment that was even remotely suitable for this task,” Hölzle told Wired. What making the thing a biggie after two years of coming into affect is that the company hopes that other networking companies like Cisco and Juniper will adopt OpenFlow one day?

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