Google Reportedly Working On An In-House Ad-Tracking Tool Dubbed As ‘AdID’

Posted on Sep 18 2013 - 10:40am by Editorial Staff


According to a report by USA Today – via The Verge – Google is reportedly working on to develop its own in-house ad-tracking tool dubbed as “AdID.” The tool will believe to replace third-party HTTP cookies and it will be shared with online ad-sales networks and advertisers which agreed on Google’s guidelines and privacy controls.

The publication added further that the search giant with its new tool planning out to reach to the advertising industry, government regulators, and consumer groups in the coming weeks and months respectively. Although the tool still not made its mark official in web-o-sphere but with initial report one can conclude that Google is working towards re-creating its space with wider aspects in the world of advertising.

Photo Credit: Flickr/super bond1

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