Google+ Reportedly Saw 43 Percent Hike In US Visitors During June, Highest Ever Since It Got From September 2011

Posted on Jul 18 2012 - 6:01pm by Editorial Staff

A big numbers revealed from Web Analytics Company Compete (via The Verge) that Google’s social networking site Google+ saw a 43 percent jump in unique desktop visitors during the month of June, which is the highest growth the site had seen since from September 2011. This month Google+ had 31.9 million visitors to its site, compared to 22.3 million visitors in May, an increase of 43.1%.

Since the 2012 started, Google+ has gained 14.2 million visitors, from 17.6 million visitors in December to 31.9 million visitors in June. The data revealed interesting numbers stating that the numbers are larger than LinkedIn, who had 24.6 million visitors in June. Linkedin had a 6.5% decrease in visitors in June compared to May.

Discussing about the percentage of other social networks, these are the social network numbers (in million visitors) for June, including the percentage change compared to May.

  • Facebook 158.6 (+1.0%)
  • YouTube 153.8 (+0.75%)
  • Twitter 42.6 (+0.9%)
  • Google+ 31.9 (+43.1%)
  • Linkedin 24.6 (-6.5%)
  • MySpace 21.9 (-8.0%)
  • Tumblr 21.6 (+0.1%)
  • Pinterest 19.4 (+0.4%)

(Image Source: Google+ logo, Featured Image)

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