Google Reportedly Launching 12.85-inch Chrome OS Touch Notebook In First Quarter 2013

Posted on Nov 26 2012 - 11:51am by Editorial Staff

Want to have Google’s own Chrome OS touch notebook, if yes, than it is the time coming pretty soon as according to Chinese Commercial Times reports that Google is reportedly working towards launching 12.85-inch Chrome OS notebook in Q1 2013. The company even hired Compal Electronics and Wintek also to handle OEM and touch panel production respectively.

NB brand factory for Google may enter NB brand issue, both said, “There is no known, but that Microsoft and Google are indeed interested in learning the Apple platform, hardware-take-all mode, Google launched the Nexus brand smartphone and tablet, though it is through cooperation with Samsung, Asus, but it is difficult to say will not change in the future, so think Google strategy “quite reasonable” is not surprising.”

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