Google Reportedly Buying Viewdle, An AR, Facial-Recognition Firm For $30 Million

Posted on Oct 2 2012 - 5:48am by Editorial Staff

Google has on the final swing of purchasing mobile facial-recognition and augmented-reality (AR) startup Viewdle in a deal which has been in the process for over a year as of now, and is expected to close this week, according to CNET. Other publication Forbes sources claimed that the deal would be between $30 million to $45 million range, although the company has declined to respond on anything by saying that it will not comment on rumor or speculation.

Well, while deal will take place in its mean time, just to think that what Google will use Viewdle’s for? Viewdle in the past hold aback a large investment of $10 million developing an AR game dubbed as Third Eye for the Android platform as well as it has developed SocialCamera on Facebook. A lot of both high and low thoughts can take place but at the end we can only guess, but only Google knows that what’s it upto with Viewdle.

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