Google Releases DART SDK Milestone 4, Brings Number Of Improvements

Posted on Apr 17 2013 - 1:23am by Editorial Staff

Google today announced the release of DART SDK Milestone 4 (v0.4.7 r21548) bringing the number of improvements. In case if you don’t know, DART is Google’s open-source Web programming language. You can download the version four directly from available in 32-bit Windows version and 64-bit Windows version.

Google Dart Performance

Here’s the official changelog for Dark SDK v0.4.7 r21548:

  • Core, collection, and async libraries are now stable. There will be no more breaking changes to these libraries.
  • Performance improved in both the dart2js compiler and the Dart VM.
  • Dart Editor comes with an all-new analysis engine for faster real-time feedback.
  • Classes can be used as mixins.
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