Google-Motorola Mobility Acquisition Day Brings Light For Apple, Microsoft And RIM To Buy Nortel Patents

Posted on Feb 14 2012 - 7:12am by Editorial Staff

Following the US Department of Justice Google-Motorola Mobility acquisition is not only a happy day for the search engine giant but it is also a happier note for Apple, Microsoft and RIM in order to buy Nortel’s patents, which is valued for $4.5 billion bid.

The DOJ says the approval comes only after it received proper commitments from both Apple and Microsoft to license the standard essential patents. The Nortel’s portfolio includes a total of 6,000 patents. The Nortel’s portfolio includes about some 6,000 patents. Rounding up the things, DOJ also give greenlight to Apple’s acquisition of certain Novell patents – the one which have been with CPTN Holdings pending approval.

Apple’s and Google’s both holding substantial share of mobile platforms makes it more likely that as the owners of additional SEP could hold up rivals resulting in harming competition and innovation. The division also tool an account the fact and asked Apple, Google and Microsoft each to make public statements explaining their respective SEP licensing practices.

(Image: Nortel Networks logo, Featured Image)

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