Google Launches Chrome Experiment Game Cube Slam, Play Against Your Friends Face-To-Face

Posted on Jun 13 2013 - 10:54am by Editorial Staff


Google has launched a new Chrome Experiment dubbed as Cube Slam which allows you to play face-to-face with your friends despite of where in the world they are located although over the top the company put a light on demonstrating over the company’s WebRTC browser implementation. To give a quick brief about what WebRTC is: It is an open source project which allows developers to integrate Real Time Communications (RTC) across the web.

The company even shares that if you want to win the game, all you have to do is to hit the cube against your friend’s screen three times until the screen explodes. You will get better shields, more wild obstacles and gravity fields as soon as you promoted to new levels every time and you can even unlock power-ups including fireballs, lasers, multi-balls, mirrored controls, bulletproof shields, fog, ghost balls, time bombs, resized paddles, extra lives and death balls in order to avoid the death balls. Also, in case if you are alone online, you can always play the game against Bob the Bear and see till what level you can reach.

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