Google Fighting Human Trafficking, Launches Human Trafficking Hotline Network

Posted on Apr 10 2013 - 6:54pm by Editorial Staff

Over 20 million people in the whole world are turned out to be a victim of human trafficking. In order to fight against one of the biggest cruelty, Google announced that  it has launched a new joint project – called as Human Trafficking Hotline Network – with three advocacy organizations – Polaris Project, Liberty Asia and La Strada International. The project started with an aim to create a consolidated global hotline connected to a data-driven network.

“Human trafficking, the narcotics trade and weapons smuggling all have one major thing in common: Their ill-gotten proceeds feed conflict, instability and repression worldwide. Out of all of these, human trafficking is perhaps the most devastating, enslaving nearly 21 million people and generating at least $32 billion of illicit profits every year,” Google Ideas director Jared Cohen and Google Giving director Jacquelline Fuller wrote in a blog post.

“Together, these partners will not only be able to help more trafficking survivors, but will also move the global conversation forward by dramatically increasing the amount of useful data being shared,” Cohen and Fuller wrote. “Appropriate data can tell the anti-trafficking community which campaigns are most effective at reducing slavery, what sectors are undergoing global spikes in slavery, or if the reduction of slavery in one country coincides with an increase right across the border.”

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