Google Confirms That Motorola Mobility Will Be Dealt As A Separate Division

Posted on Jun 22 2012 - 5:08am by Editorial Staff

The stock-split approval and Eric Schmidt earlier statement that Motorola Mobility will be considered as a separate division, Google CFO Patrick Pichette told at the company’s annual shareholder meeting that its newly acquired $12.5 billion Motorola Mobility will work as a separate arm of the company i.e. there is unlikely to be a integration.

“It’s important it stays on its own battlefield,” he said. “We are not integrating Motorola with Google, we’re making sure it has everything it needs to win in its own space. You shouldn’t expect a full integration of the two companies.”

Google last month announced that the acquisition of Motorola Mobility has closed means the deal is done now and the search giant has acquired the $12.5 billion entity – the Motorola Mobility. The Chinese authority approved Google’s $12.5 billion Motorola Mobility acquisition.

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