Google+ ‘Businesses And Brands’ Engagement Are Resulting Into More Consumer Focused

Posted on Feb 10 2012 - 6:31am by Editorial Staff

Since Google+ launched its Pages product for businesses and brands last November, the search giant social network Google+ helps brands to connect with the customers and fans who love the brands – allowing spending time with team, face-to-face chats and much more it had provided.

According to SimplyMeasured study, 62% of the Interbrand 100 now has an active Google+ Brand Page. New activations within this sample have levelled, but audience size and engagement have growing significantly since December. As of two month ago, there wasn’t a single brand with >100K Circlers – now there are 13 above that level.

Just 2 Months ago, these brands combined had fewer than 300K Circlers and have since crossed 3.6MM Circlers. Over half of the active pages, 36 total brands, have seen a 100% increase in circles over the last two months. In December, Google had the largest Brand Page by a wide margin. However, in the past 2 months other Brands have grown and Google has now dropped out of the top 10.

After the initial hype of launch (Nov 7th), Engagement rates quickly dropped. After remaining flat in during the Holidays, it appears that consumers are taking to Google+ In 2012 – a very positive sign for Brands looking to invest here going forward. More than anything, to keep brands excited, they need to know that it is possible to build a large and engaged audience on Google+.

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