Google Brings Street View To 50 Countries, Adds Hungary, Lesotho, Expanding In Poland, Romania

Posted on Apr 23 2013 - 6:46pm by Editorial Staff


Google today announced that it has reached 50 countries with the launch of Street View in Hungary and Lesotho and are majorly expanding its coverage in both Poland and Romania, among other locations around the world. The service will now allow you to have a 360-degree high-resolution photograph to Google Maps of 50 countries around the world.

Now, you can take a virtual stroll via the Budapest historic center, right along side of the Danube while other Hungarian sites include the Széchenyi thermal bath, the largest medicinal bath in Europe, as well as the wonders of Buda castle.

In Lesotho, an enclave surrounded by South Africa, you can explore some of the mountainous imagery captured by our Street View cars, including the winding roads and lakes while other sights include the Lesotho Evangelical Church, which is one of Africa’s oldest Protestant churches, and the traditional architecture in Nkesi, Maseru.

The company also shared that it is expanding its existing Street View coverage in France, Italy, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore and Thailand, adding a new special collections of host of picturesque spots, including Portugal’s Pena National Palace, or the Sha Tin Che Kung Temple in Hong Kong or the Kilkenny Castle in Ireland.

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