Google Apps For Your Business: Which Makes The Right Fit For You?

Posted on Feb 14 2013 - 1:50pm by Editorial Staff
Google Apps

Google Apps

Office software was literally synonymous with Microsoft during the last few years. That is not the case anymore as Google has made its entry with several applications, now being used by more than a million offices.

Google’s office tools cater to even the smallest of firms your data being available to you from any online connection. It is now a more feasible option for tech savvy office goers who have a ready connection to the internet. Here’s a rundown on the good, the bad and awful apps:

The great ones:

Gmail supports your company’s URL and can be used from any computer or mobile. Your emails can be threaded and it also provides easy accountability for your employees’ work.

Google Docs benefitted the most from the rebuild. Now multiple parties can make revisions on a document at the same time and it is much easier to create presentations and documents for work.

The calendar app is great for scheduling appointments and events through a common portal for your entire office.
The Google pack is easy to install and contains Google Chrome, Google Apps and third party software such as Adobe Reader and Skype.

The ‘okay’ ones:

Google Presentations allows you to store presentations online, making it easier to search for data in real time but it just cannot compete with PowerPoint.

When a customer calls you, Google voice puts them on hold while transferring them to your registered number or voicemail, reintroducing the one phone number concept. While this is a great app, it is a whole new technology with a small market.

Buzz is Google’s app for social media where people can share pictures, ideas and video clips in real time. But it is difficult to learn to use and small businesses usually do not have the manpower for it.

The awful ones:

Google Spreadsheets has all the basic functions with a few nice touches like one click copy, auto-fill and compatibility with Excel. Data entry and collaboration is particularly laborious, and it certainly is not on the same level as Excel.

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