Google Answers The Congress Over The ‘Privacy Policy Changes’ – Explaining The Reasons For The Change

Posted on Jan 31 2012 - 3:03pm by Editorial Staff

Google made an announcement earlier that within a month’s period, is gearing up to change its current privacy policy – merging its all 60 different product policies into one, resulting into a one single big product. Once you opt-in you can’t stop using all Google products

Pointing on this which results into a series of storms of question including the group of House Energy and Commerce members raised their voice over the issue – the search engine giant today through its blog post respond to the members’ questions – clears up confusion about the changes and even send a letter to Congress clarifying the things.

The company states it is changing its privacy policies because of two reasons – First, the company is trying to make the things simpler and more understandable – which lawmakers and regulators have asked tech companies to do. Second, Google want users to make more availability of information available to users when they’re signed into Google services.

Important things aren’t changing:

  • We’re still keeping your private information private — we’re not changing the visibility of any information you have stored with Google.
  • We’re still allowing you to do searches, watch videos on YouTube, get driving directions on Google Maps, and perform other tasks without signing into a Google Account.
  • We’re still offering you choice and control through privacy tools like Google Dashboard and Ads Preferences Manager that help you understand and manage your data.
  • We still won’t sell your personal information to advertisers.
  • We’re still offering data liberation if you’d prefer to close your Google Account and take your data elsewhere.

Well, the search engine giant through the medium of single big policy trying to make it easier for the users and will be used across all Google services. But still March 1 is having a month’s time and as there is nothing predicted we must assume that something do “more” fringing comes the way.

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