Google Announces Beta Test, Allowing YouTube Creators To Link Their Channel With A Google+ Page

Posted on Apr 11 2013 - 6:42am by Editorial Staff


Google today announced that it is testing a new program which will let YouTube creator to link their channel with a Google+ page. Currently in beta test stage, the program will allow to linked up your channel and once linked up, you will be able to add multiple managers to your channel, as well as capable of managing multiple channels via a single login, freedom to choose any name for your channel and page and unlocking the new features, including video sharing, live broadcasts via Hangouts, and a YouTube tab on your Google+ page.

In order to get starter, your channel’s Google account must first bear a Google+ profile on the account to start the process while in case if you don’t have Google Plus, then go to and create a profile with your name. Second, if you already have an existing Google+ page, then all you need to do is to link up your channel. On the other end, on YouTube, go to your advanced account settings and click “Connect with a Google+ page (beta) and you will get linking options.” Once connected, and you are done.

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