Google And The Digital Advertising Alliance Will Support ‘Do Not Track,’ Agreed On Not To Collect Data About Users

Posted on Feb 23 2012 - 12:06pm by Editorial Staff

Google and the Digital Advertising Alliance have all together agreed on to honour the feature Do Not Track which allow the users not to be tracked – the system is already implement in Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari browsers means when the feature gets activated, the button will restrict the data websites can collect information about users through cookies, WSJ reports.

Ad personalisation will be blocked, and companies agreeing to the plan have agreed not to use the browsing data for employment, credit, healthcare or insurance purposes. Google Chrome browser is still to set Do Not Track support which we will be seen till the year end, while the Digital Advertising Alliance, a consortium which represents more than 400 companies, is working to honour the standard within nine months.

We earlier reported that the Obama administration detailed an initiative which gives consumers more authority to control over their personal information that they store, share online, asking all the Internet companies such as Google and Facebook to together worked towards developing common privacy standards – the White House supports Do Not Track as it calls on Congress to pass a ‘privacy bill of rights’.

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