Google And Its Doodle: Google’s Doodle Showing The Highs And Lows Of Young Love Indicating Google Can’t Solve Everything

Posted on Feb 14 2012 - 7:27am by Editorial Staff

Google and its Doodles – Yes Doodles, if you do not know what Doodle is – then you might have noticed one-to-many times that Google on its search engine page along with its company logo puts up a lot of stuff (termed as “actions”) which symbolizes the meaning of the day.

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Google has created one of its more to-be called as romantic Doodles – when you click on the Google logo today, you get to watch a one-minute animation showing the highs and lows of young love – and indicating with the medium that Google can’t solve everything atleast.

The minute long video is so lovely, a must check actually – I’ve embedded a video of the Doodle below – hope you too like, love and enjoy it the same way as I do.

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