Google Added A Voice Enabled 34-Button Calculator To Desktop And Mobile Search

Posted on Jul 25 2012 - 1:52pm by Editorial Staff

Sometimes it’s good to believed that yes Google can do something good, and yes this time it has introduced Calculator to desktop and mobile search. The company brings up a fully functional 34-button scientific calculator. Earlier, when a user say suppose put up 4 + 4, the search giant would simply display the sum i.e. the result, but with today’s addition it will add up the things all putted insight into in the calculator. Sounds great, even, more better if given a try, you can check it below (image), as we have already set up a term which will show you up the result or you simply put up the calculative figure yourself at Google here.

For the image below, we have put up the query: “what’s 3 + 4 divided by 10 * 30

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